Redemptor Dreadnought

I finished up this bad boy today – it’s the “easy-build” version of the kit, but man oh man is it still lovely.

Leaving off the rocket launcher seems an odd choice, but oh well – it looks kinda dumb anyway.

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again.

And it’s yoooge – about the size of the Forgeworld Leviathan, which happily means I won’t have to shell out the bucks (and lose the friends) to get one.

I’m also now very pleased that I can field this totally-legal, if sub-optimal, 32-point Vanguard detachment. I imagine adding Aggressors is going to be my go-to core for at least a few games.

I mean, its anti-tank capability consists entirely of “run up to tanks and punch them”

Now up on the workbench is Skeletons for Shadespire, and a whole mess of MDF buildings I’ve been accumulating over the past few months. Terrain Town, here we come!


Shadespire: Garrek’s Reavers

It took me a bit – I was singularly uninspired, and generally hate painting skin to boot – but I finally finished these fine fellows up last night.

Trying some different skin tones helped a bit, but still – these guys make me not very excited about collecting the Dwarf warband.

That leaves just the skeletons of the 4 warbands I own, but before that I want to paint up the Redemptor I got for my Marines, and put some more paint on my rapidly-growing collection of MDF terrain for 40K.

Shadespire: Steelheart’s Champions

I finished up my second Shadespire warband this evening, the Stormcast faction that comes in the core box. Before I started on them, I was a bit lukewarm, and mostly because of that decided to just “stick with what works” and paint them up exactly the same as my Marines. And lo and behold, they turned out OK!

The sloppy names on the base rims are mostly because for the foreseeable future, this warband (along with the Chaos one) is going to be for demoing, and one thing I’ve noticed in games with new players so far is confusion about which model is which. If I can find a finer-tipped white pen I’ll redo them in an instant.

Next up is the Chaos warband, an easy-build Redemptor I picked up for my marines, and a growing backlog of terrain, whee!

2017 Gaming Year in Review

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 28mm

Another year wraps up! I’ve developed a habit, at this time of year, of taking a look back and assessing what I got up to, hobby-wise, throughout the year – and this year has been a pretty good one, with some resolutions made and put into practice.

A quick look where my painting has been focused this year shows pretty clearly that has been the year of returning to 28mm for me. Starting from zero, I painted up a whole Malifaux crew (which, to be sure, is just like a dozen models), a Viking warband, and most impressively / surprisingly, what has turned into a pretty big Space Marine force for 40K – I had bits done for Advanced Space Crusade, but even then I’ve got myself able to field an all-Primaris force in something less than 6 months. And it’s been fun! Painting things up with an eye towards using them in a game next month, rather than someday when I play Epic again, has been great for the motivation factor.

Which brings me to the resolution part – mid-year, after a post and ensuing discussion on about spreading ourselves thin, hobby-wise, I decided to focus solely (save a prior commitment to Saga) on 40K and Malifaux at the monthly Nagoya game days. After (to be quite honest) a good few years grumbling in a corner like Gollum over my preference for smaller scales – and therefore, and there’s a direct correlation here, owning and painting a lot of games and models that at most one or two other people in the group also played and collected – it’s been a pleasant shock to kick the doors open to one very popular, and one pretty popular, game system, and find myself having a lot of fun playing a lot of games with a bunch of different people. 40K 8th edition not being a dumpster fire helps, of course. It has its issues, and is still 25-year-old-system 40K at its heart, but it’s certainly “fun enough”, and – and I can’t stress this enough – being able to play a bunch of games with a bunch of different people turns out to be a really good thing. There’s still other games I want to try – I’m making the jump into Shadespire, and while I’m very much on the fence a nice Delaque kit (in Q4 :roll:might pull me into the Necromunda reboot, and of course I will always love Epic and still hold out hope for trying Chain of Command at some point etc. etc. – but trying to make the monthly games days all about those two popular systems has definitely made a difference in my gaming life.

I also made a resolution to try to reach out to the Japanese gaming community more (again, based mostly on discussion over at nagoyahammer, but my formative gaming-in-Japan memories as the only gaijin in the Fukuoka game club way back when also had a lot to do with it), and I’ve been up to visit the small-but-good-natured game group in Ichinomiya a couple times, and that’s been good fun as well. This resolution has also been the prime motivator in going all-in on Shadespire, since that game is proving very popular in the Japanese gaming community.

So that’s where I am at the end of 2017. At this rate, it does look like next year will be “40keighteen” (to borrow a term from the awesome 40K Badcast) for me, although I do want to evangelize for lunch-break Shadespire a bit, get some more games of Malifaux in, and hopefully organize an Epic day as I try to every year. And of course if any of my gaming buddies are up for Drop<foo> or 6mm Napoleonics or 15mm WWII or the Warhammer Quest card game or Sails of Glory or or or… on an off day, I’d be very much up for it! But so far, narrowing my focus for game days has proven to be a strategy with a solid net positive result for me, and I’ll probably be sticking with it!

Painting Aggressors (Slowly)


But mostly just ’cause I’m not in such a hurry – I’ve got a game this Thursday at Ichinomiya, which I won’t be able to finish these guys for, then end-of-year business means the next game day I get to won’t be ’til January, so I can take it a bit easy.

And man, even with my patented super-lazy painting method, these guys are fiddly. In an awesome way, mind – I’m really in love with the models – but they have many many many edges to highlight. Fortunately, tonight I finished up the yellow, and with that and the black done, the “heavy lifting” is finished. Just metallics and red detailing, plus the ever-annoying unit markings, and they’ll be done.

Then my plate’ll be empty-ish again. The easy-build Redemptor Dread is up for pre-order on the 16th, and I’ll get one of those plus the Shadespire core set for myself for Christmas, so early next year I’ll have a bit to do – and I still have half my hybrids and some 6mm odds and ends on the table. Plus the Apothecary I kitbashed, but I’ll wait on him ’til I can prime him together with something else.

More Planning: Specialists

Last night I started painting up my squad of Primaris Aggressors (more on which as I get more work done) and thought, as I have for a while, that they might benefit from being fielded with an Apothecary – with such a small unit, being able to bring dead guys back would be decidedly useful, and since they’ll likely be tooling around with the Gravis captain, being able to heal him up would be a boon as well. But! The Primaris Apothecary model is 5200 freakin’ yen, which no way am I going to shell out for a single utility model.

So I took stock of my bits, and noticed that I still have the two extra Primaris guys from Dark Imperium I ended up with, plus some extra arms, including one with a pistol, from the Hellblasters, and some cool heads from the Aggressors. I wouldn’t have the cool backpack, but I could put together a pretty reasonably Apothecary kitbash with that and some other spare bits I have lying around. Yay!

Which brings me to my favorite thing: Thinking about how to paint them. Having collected an all-white Marine force way back when (anything by “Davidさん” in the very awesome Realm of Rman gallery, which you should by all means look at to see some of the insanity the Japanese hobby scene can produce), I knew that even one all-white marine would drive me batty.

A “White Templars” tactical squad from 2001 or 2002 – all white sure does look sharp, but if you think I’m going to go through painting another white army you have another think coming, my friend.

Also I do want to keep the generally black look I have for my Scythes. So the question is how to do Apothecaries? I thought about it for a bit, and fiddled around on Bolter & Chainsword when I should have been working, and ended up with this as my first plan:


Which is basically a veteran Scythe, swapping white for yellow everywhere but the aquila, with red shoulder pad trim for that “medic” touch, and a white shoulder pad to paint the gothic-flavored caduceus thing. Then I figured a (as yet notional) Librarian could just swap the white for blue:


And that looks pretty OK too!

So tonight I’ll get bashing, and see if I can put together a more-or-less acceptable Apothecary, and probably seriously consider trying for a Librarian as well – the Aggressor bare heads have cover-y things that could pass for psychic hoods, and I imagine I can find a sword-type thing somewhere…