Inquisitor’s Retinue: Tempestus Scions

As you saw in the last post introducing my tournament army, I’d originally planned to field a few guardsmen I had lying around as Acolytes to fill out a cheap little Vanguard detachment for my Inquisitor (on account of it’s the easiest way to field one with the new guidelines in the FAQ), but the anal-retentive part of me got a bit bothered that standard lasguns are not, for whatever reason, legal kit for Acolytes.

So, I bought a box of Tempestus Scions*.

fullsizeoutput_3ca6The anal-retentive part of me is still twitching its eye a little bit, as Acolytes still just have the 5+ save and 4+ BS of guardsmen instead of the improved stats of Scions, but oh well.

I again chose a muted scheme so they wouldn’t clash with either of the other paint schemes in the force, and after a bit of pondering decided to go with something downright realistic, especially for the desert-themed table I have.

Next I’ll finish a few extra Skitarii I have on the bench, then paint up Magore’s Fiends for Shadespire which I picked up the other week.

*On the name: Being on the grognard-y side, I originally scoffed at the renaming of Stormtroopers to Scions, but recently I remembered something from my youth in the 80’s when Star Wars was big. Whenever we went to our cousins’ house and played Star Wars, we were informed that the white-armored action figures were “called Star Troopers in our house”. Being like 8, this upset me because it wasn’t their real name, and it being the Midwest and our family being very conflict-avoidant, nobody ever explained to me that it was because my aunt was Jewish. Which, now, I can see the point – no need to trivialize and normalize literal Nazi terminology if you can avoid it, y’know? Now I don’t think what was GW’s main reason for the name change (the whole copyrightable aspect is big for them), but part of me hopes it was just a little bit. So Scions they are.

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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