Hi! My name is Dave, and I’m an American who has been living, and gaming, in Japan since the mid-90s – I live in Nagoya currently, where there’s a small but friendly and active community of wargamers, both expat and Japanese. This blog is going to be mostly a hobby log, focusing on my collecting, painting, and gaming activities here in Nagoya. The painting and modeling will perhaps be nothing special – I’ve been at it a long time, but most of my techniques have come to focus on “getting a tabletop-standard army done as quickly and easily as possible” rather than “producing jewel-like objects of wonder”. All the same, I’ve found that sharing is a good motivator for doing hobby work, and it may be interesting for some folks to see the peculiarities of being involved in this hobby as an expat in Japan.

If by some chance you found this blog and are in Japan and are looking for but have not yet locked in to a wargaming / roleplaying scene, I’d direct you to the excellent nagoyahammer.com (especially, obviously, if you are in the Tokai area), on which I am an active member.