30-Day Challenge Day 30: Wrapping Up With a Trip Report

Wow, this was a quick 30 days! It helped, I think, that the first 2/3 were packed to the gills with a pretty hectic project.

On day 30 I didn’t paint, but instead went up to Ichinomiya to hook up with a little gaming group they have up here – 5 or 6 guys in a very very tiny plastic model shop.


I didn’t get a picture while it was still light out, but the shop is literally like 15 feet deep – there’s really only one table big enough for wargaming, but with a small group it probably doesn’t matter much!

I played a fun little 50-power game against the group leader’s Necrons. The more I play 8th edition, the more I think 50-60 points is really a sweet spot. Still a lot of fun, in ways that similarly small games often weren’t very fun in earlier editions, but pretty quick and (and this is my own personal opinion about scale) a better fit for the best-suited-to-skirmish-ness of 28/32mm models.

Next time I think I’d take 10 Intercessors instead of the 3 Inceptors – the latter are maybe a bit squishy to be a lynchpin of a force this small. But the double dreads did as well as ever (although a squad of 6 heavy destroyers will and did mess them up) and the reivers, as always, did the work, tying up his immortals for 3 turns before the near-dead ironclad moved in to help them out. In the end, the ironclad was able to chainfist to death the lord who was carrying the McGuffin and escape from the wrath of destroyers into the safety of combat by the end of the game, giving me the win. It was a close thing, though! A couple luckier wound rolls and it would have been very different.

It was a fun evening, and a good chance to meet some new guys relatively new to the hobby. It’s a bit of a drive up to Ichinomiya from here (about 40 minutes from either work or home on the tollway, an hour on regular roads), but I think I’ll be able to make it once a month or so!


30-Day Challenge Day 29: Increment

Just a dash of painting again tonight – brightened up the red and put a black wash on the ribbed armor and gloves of these fellas.


Tomorrow after work I’m heading up to a hobby shop in Ichinomiya to meet some new gaming dudes and play a small game of 40K or two, so hopefully I’ll get some good pictures of that!

30-Day Challenge Day 28: Life, Things and Stuff

Things have been a bit stressful around here, and I’m responding, as I tend to, by not doing much of anything at all, heh. We’ll see how my thesis advisor reacts tomorrow! But tonight I got the first little pass done on the next 4 hybrids – now that I know my process I can speed up a bit. That’s a few drybrush passes from dark brown to buff (more than I need, almost certainly – I used a total of 5 shades of brown, which is probably overkill but what the hey), then the first coat on the red, using Citadel’s red base color (Khorne Red) with a touch of Smoke for flow.


Next step will be to bring the red up with a mix of khorne red and VMC flat red, then a wash of smoke for shading. Then a thin pass of black ink on the ribbed padded bits and gloves, and we’ll see about the yellow shoulder pads and strips of cloth and such. Actually I could probably finish these guys off in an evening, but there’s no hurry and it’s nice to take it slow after the painting frenzy that was the beginning of the month.

30-Day Challenge Day 27: Mostly Spent Playing Endless Space 2

…And I finally seemed to get a handle on the Riftborn, getting into that “one more turn” nonsense 4X games are so good at.

So all I did yesterday was finish up those two hybrids – they could probably use a wash on the metallics too, looking at them. Still!


30-Day Challenge Day 26: And Now, for Something et cetera et cetera

Today I got started on a couple test models for my genestealer hybrids, mostly for use with Advanced Space Crusade, although they may see some play with Shadow Wars if that picks up again in the local group.


My Tyranids are red with yellow armor plates, and I painted up their clothes to tie in with that – which makes for a bit of a misstep with the flesh tones, as I wanted the hybrids to have some of that too. The 3rd generation (on the left) blends in with his clothing a bit more than I’d like (in addition to looking sort of like a burn victim), although going a bit more purple than my ‘Nids actually are helped a bit.

Overall, I think the scheme will work. Boots and such will get a deeper brown, metallics will be metal, but this is basically how they’ll end up.

30-Day Challenge Day 25: Skip Day, and a Finished Model

Last night I went out for a couple beers after work, so didn’t get to paint – whoops! This morning, though, I put the finishing touches on this fella:

After powering through the rest of the models in the Dark Imperium set, it was nice to take a few days on this one, especially since the banner is so fiddly. Turned out all right!

Now I’ll get to work on my genestealer hybrids, and maybe put some base decorations on some of my vikings that hadn’t gotten it yet.

30-Day Challenge Day 23: Finishing Up

Juuust about finished with my ancient:


All there’s left to do is metallics and a couple more hits of decal medium on the right shoulder, and he’ll be good to go! As I hoped / expected, depending on how sure of myself I was at the time, the bigness of the banner itself makes what would otherwise be just ridiculously huge headgear seem not so bad.