40K Army 2: Adeptus Mechanicus

I’ve been thinking for a while about what do to about a second army for 40K – my Marines have more or less reached “maturity,” with more than enough for any size game I’m likely to want to play, and not much space for expansion (well, some more scouts are probably in the making someday, to fill out my Troops choices and let me do some board denial). So what to do for Army 2?

My first thought was to expand the Alpha Legion I’ve collected a few of for my Advanced Space Crusade set: a Start Collecting box would be a solid start in addition to the couple squads and couple of HQ I have at the moment. But, that’d just be another force of power armored dudes, plus it’d realistically still be a while, and a not-insignificant outlay of cash, before I could use them in a game.

OK, so how about some Imperial forces I could ally with my Marines while I get started? This led me to think about Adeptus Mechanicus, at least in part because waaay back in 2nd edition, when I was a wee university student, the Codex Army Lists booklet had an Adeptus Mechanicus list, including a unit I immediately fell in love with the idea of, Electropriests. They didn’t have models, of course, and wouldn’t for like 20 years, but the idea was cool as hell. And (unlike, apparently, lots of people) I think the current Electropriests also look cool as hell. So I considered for a bit a Vanguard detachment of a Dominus, two squads of Infiltrators, and a 10-strong squad of Electropriests to get started as allies.

I probably will eventually get that detachment, but common sense won out in the end and I decided to start with a solid core of troops, as the Marines I run are usually thin on CP since I like my 3-dreadnought Vanguard.

So, which Forgeworld to go with? A quick page through the codex made the decision for me, and got my Forge the Narrative juices flowing nice and good. Gryphonne IV, the forge world with a natural connection to my Marine chapter, the Scythes of the Emperor, via the shared experience of having your homeworld eaten by Tyranids. My idea is now that the Scythes, to repay the debt incurred to the Adeptus Mechanicus by the saving of their chapter (with that influx of sweet Primaris bigmarines I love so much), have launched the Gryphonne Crusade, working together with the Gryphonne IV remnants to scout out, conquer and found a new forge world. Tadaa! An excuse for allies, and a neat little story to hook me in.

So I ordered a Start Collecting Skitarii box from the local store, and also picked up a box of Skitarii to occupy me while I wait for it to arrive. I’ve painted up the first few, and they’re not only looking good, but turning out to be a lot of fun to paint – lots of lovely baroque details, and a color scheme that contrasts with that of the Scythes without clashing with it, and includes a bit of yellow to tie things together.

The only stumbling block is figuring out unit markings – Gryphonne IV has light gray robes, and the only Skitarii transfers available are white… So I’m looking into print-your-own waterslide transfers, which I know exist, but I’m having trouble tracking down with my lack of waterslide-transfer-related Japanese skills.

Let the muster begin!

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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