More Planning: Specialists

Last night I started painting up my squad of Primaris Aggressors (more on which as I get more work done) and thought, as I have for a while, that they might benefit from being fielded with an Apothecary – with such a small unit, being able to bring dead guys back would be decidedly useful, and since they’ll likely be tooling around with the Gravis captain, being able to heal him up would be a boon as well. But! The Primaris Apothecary model is 5200 freakin’ yen, which no way am I going to shell out for a single utility model.

So I took stock of my bits, and noticed that I still have the two extra Primaris guys from Dark Imperium I ended up with, plus some extra arms, including one with a pistol, from the Hellblasters, and some cool heads from the Aggressors. I wouldn’t have the cool backpack, but I could put together a pretty reasonably Apothecary kitbash with that and some other spare bits I have lying around. Yay!

Which brings me to my favorite thing: Thinking about how to paint them. Having collected an all-white Marine force way back when (anything by “Davidさん” in the very awesome Realm of Rman gallery, which you should by all means look at to see some of the insanity the Japanese hobby scene can produce), I knew that even one all-white marine would drive me batty.

A “White Templars” tactical squad from 2001 or 2002 – all white sure does look sharp, but if you think I’m going to go through painting another white army you have another think coming, my friend.

Also I do want to keep the generally black look I have for my Scythes. So the question is how to do Apothecaries? I thought about it for a bit, and fiddled around on Bolter & Chainsword when I should have been working, and ended up with this as my first plan:


Which is basically a veteran Scythe, swapping white for yellow everywhere but the aquila, with red shoulder pad trim for that “medic” touch, and a white shoulder pad to paint the gothic-flavored caduceus thing. Then I figured a (as yet notional) Librarian could just swap the white for blue:


And that looks pretty OK too!

So tonight I’ll get bashing, and see if I can put together a more-or-less acceptable Apothecary, and probably seriously consider trying for a Librarian as well – the Aggressor bare heads have cover-y things that could pass for psychic hoods, and I imagine I can find a sword-type thing somewhere…

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I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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