Trip Report: November Nagoya Game Day

Sunday was game day for the Nagoya Miniature Games Club, and a good time was had by all. I brought my Scythes for two games, one matched play at 1200 points and one open play at 60 power, and I’m here to tell you I didn’t really notice any difference. Definitely good fun, though.

I brought a Spearhead and a Vanguard detachment, with:

-Gravis captain (Warlord trait: the +1W and feel no pain one, which is nice because I don’t have to worry about forgetting to use it so much – although I did forget to FNP about half the wounds I took all day)

-Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword

-Ironclad dread with Hurricane Bolter and Chainfist

-Venerable dread with Assault Cannon

-Hellblasters with Assault Plasma Incinerators

-Reivers with knives

-Intercessors (This was the big change over previous lists – swapping out the Inceptors for a full Intercessor squad. All in all, I think it’s a solid choice. For the same cost, 3 times the wounds, and just about the same number of shots at close range, in an edition where the difference between S4 and S5 isn’t as huge as it used to be.)

-Quad Lascannon Predator

My morning game was against a Guard force, and I got tabled-enough-to-be-unable-to-contest-objectives by the end of turn 3. I lost the first turn, which hurt – he was able to deep strike some Scions next to my Predator and neutralize the bulk of my anti-tank ability right off the bat, leaving me without much to do against his tanks but try to run my dreadnoughts across the board and punch them – and, to my credit, I almost made it!

The Manticore was pretty scary too, but I was helped a bit by its lackluster armor penetration. Mostly he was just able to throw lots and lots of dice at me.

My afternoon game was against a mixed Adeptus Mechanicus / Ravenwing force, and I managed a win there. The setup we drew allowed my Captain and Dreadnoughts (well, the one that survived, anyway, but one is enough) to get into close combat, which is often enough to wrap things up for this army. The Reivers also did their job, tying up his Dominus and half his Ravenwing bikers for the first 3 turns, allowing me to worry away at the rest of the bikers unsupported.

The scenario was The Comet from the Open War deck, and I had my Intercessor squad in reserve to move to grab it anywhere on my half of the board – and it dropped at the center point, so I was able to get enough wounds / models onto the objective by turn 5 that he just couldn’t shake them.

I also played my first match of Shadespire during lunch, and it was good fun. My orcs pretty much stomped face on the other guy’s Stormcast – I won the first game 11-0 and the second 9-5. It helps, I think, that orcs (at least when you build your deck heavily with orc faction cards as I did) are extremely straightforward, as indeed you’d hope orcs would be. Just roll up and start pounding face – the only thing I really had to keep an eye on was whether my objectives in hand wanted me to gang up on the enemy or take them on one-on-one, which is pretty easy to manage. My verdict is: A Good Game! I definitely left wanting to play more.


A very good day, against some fun opponents. Good time had by all.

In other news, I took advantage of Black Friday to order some more hab pods from Sarissa for my 40K table, so that should be arriving before too long. I’ve basically decided to use my winter bonus and speech contest judging pocket money to get myself the Shadespire core set and one of the new easy-build Redemptor dreads for Christmas. Then I might be able to turn back to an on-hold-for-40K 6mm North Africa project we started talking about last summer early next year. But who knows!

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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