30-Day Challenge Day 28: Life, Things and Stuff

Things have been a bit stressful around here, and I’m responding, as I tend to, by not doing much of anything at all, heh. We’ll see how my thesis advisor reacts tomorrow! But tonight I got the first little pass done on the next 4 hybrids – now that I know my process I can speed up a bit. That’s a few drybrush passes from dark brown to buff (more than I need, almost certainly – I used a total of 5 shades of brown, which is probably overkill but what the hey), then the first coat on the red, using Citadel’s red base color (Khorne Red) with a touch of Smoke for flow.


Next step will be to bring the red up with a mix of khorne red and VMC flat red, then a wash of smoke for shading. Then a thin pass of black ink on the ribbed padded bits and gloves, and we’ll see about the yellow shoulder pads and strips of cloth and such. Actually I could probably finish these guys off in an evening, but there’s no hurry and it’s nice to take it slow after the painting frenzy that was the beginning of the month.

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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