30-Day Challenge Day 22: Just a Tad

Another slow day, but I’m getting paint on the model and that’s all I have to do. 🙂

That’s the third coat of yellow and cleanup on the marine, and the lettering work on the banner. The gundam marker wasn’t the magic I was sort of hoping it would be, and it needed a bit of cleanup, but it’s still orders of magnitude better than what I can do with a brush, so that’s OK.

I also spent a bit of time today thinking about a second army (since all I really need for my Marines are some Aggressors), and realized that I can make a legal 50-power Tyranid army with like 6 models. Expensive in terms of yen, but I might just go for it. That’d be after the aggressors and some more terrain, though – probably winter bonus spending at the earliest.

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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