30-Day Challenge Day 21: Happy Puttering

I’ve just been sort of working on the ancient today, doing whatever part of the model my fancy takes me. On the dude himself I’ve got the first two (of three) coats of yellow – rather messy, since his ostentatious headgear gets in the way of doing his shoulder trim a bit.


And here’s the banner:


Which is looking A-OK if I do say so. In the lower right there we can see the magic of the Gundam Pen – I’m actually looking forward to getting the text on the main scroll tomorrow. (The only issue there is that I’m going to have an odd number of letters, so the central letter is going to have to deal with Mr. Skull there.

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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