30-Day Challenge Day 19: Game Day!

Today I’m going to kind of cheat and do a no-painting update and share about game day. It was a good day! I had a 100-power game set up against a new member’s Eldar – I was all ready to keep track of a battle report, and then proceeded to get slaughtered. The Ynnari’s sparkleburst ability to take extra actions when units are wiped out, plus my underestimating wraithguard, left me pretty much tabled by turn 4, so we called it. Still, it was fun!


It was my first time using the Open War cards to generate a scenario, and I like the idea. I’m not sure how samey things could get over a large number of games, but 12 deployment setups, 12 objectives, and 12 “twists” does, on the face of it, make for lots of possible combinations of games. The second picture is my Lieutenant against his big evil sparkle thingy – I almost got him, but he triggered his “run away when an enemy is killed” to flee retribution after killing my captain. Boo!

I also played a game of Saga with my Vikings against a friend’s Danes, and that looks like a potentially tactically deep game.


The battle boards seem to do a good job of differentiating different armies, and allow for a lot of tactical depth – I’m interested to try the game more. In this game, he managed to assassinate my warlord with his, triggering a bunch of abilities to give himself lots and lots of attack dice against me. Pretty one-sided, but still.

And here are some pictures of the venue and games being played:

Pretty typically for how these sorts of things are organized here, we rent out a room at a community center every month and pitch in to cover the cost – it ends up being 500 yen per person. There were a couple more games going on in the morning, and altogether I guess about a dozen people showed up for 40K, Saga, and a table of Strange Aeons.

I also got a few shots of my whole Scythes of the Emperor army – hard to get at home, both for space and lack of natural light at the times I’m free to get the army out and take pictures.

That’s the whole 100-power army, then each detachment: a Spearhead with the predator and two hellblaster squads, a Vanguard with the dreadnoughts and reivers, and a Battalion with intercessors and scouts backed up by inceptors. I think the army is fundamentally viable, I just have to not be stupid around armies that I should keep at arm’s length, like (oh, to pick a random example) an army with lots of harlequins and wraithguard. Oops!

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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