30-day Painting Challenge

As I (think I) mentioned in my first post, the thing that got me thinking about blogging my hobby activities was about a year ago when my friend Matt, for a projects-based learning class he’s doing, had his students keep a blog on a 30-day challenge, which he invited me to take part in. I did, and while (sort of like for this blog) I didn’t break exciting new game-blogging ground or garner a huge readership, I did like how it kept me working on hobby stuff, and it was nice to share my hobby with some people I wouldn’t necessarily do so with.

Well, that time of year has come around again (as the PBL class in question is a fall semester one, and here we are), so I’m going to take part again. Since I’m lazy that way I’ll do basically the same thing: My pledge for the 30-day challenge is to paint or assemble something every day for 30 days, and share it here. This does mean that things may get a little spammy in here with incremental work-in-progress updates, but sharing process can also be fun! I’ll start tomorrow, September 27th, and thus finish on October 26th.

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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