Game Day Report: GTHBA

We had our monthly game day here in Nagoya yesterday, and I guess 8th edition is bringing people out of the woodwork, because we had a full house – partly because we could only reserve a smaller room this month (space for 4 full tables, which we sort of jury-rigged into 2 full tables and 3 2/3 size tables, and still people didn’t get to play), and partly because of the biggest turnout we’d seen in a while.

I shoulda taken more pictures of the venue – but that’s a 4×4 table for gorkamorka in the middle, two slightly-narrow tables for 40K on either end, then there were 2 full tables for 40K in the other half of the room.

My morning game was my first “full-sized” game of 40K, a 100-power level matchup against Necrons.

The mission was the Relic, a winner-takes-all dealio over a central objective, which is nice for Marines with their “defenders of humanity” rule – I was able to get a squad of terminators onto the objective at turn 4, which pretty much sealed the game up. It was a fun game though, although my opponent (who has been away from 40K for a few years) made some sub-optimal decisions, like dropping the monolith in a corner where it couldn’t threaten the objective, and then focusing its shooting on the small tactical squads near it rather than the predator and full-to-bursting rhino that were more pressing threats. Still, it was nice to get the boys on the table, and a good game against a good opponent is always fun. I also got to line up my whole force and take a better picture than I was able to the other day.


The army worked pretty well – double dreadnoughts are a force to be reckoned with, and absorb a ludicrous amount of fire while still retaining the ability to chainfist things in the face. I’m looking forward, though, to replacing my 5-strong tactical squads with primaris, and need to figure out how to use the sternguard better – they did all right this game, teaming up with the captain and a lieutenant, but I fear they didn’t get their points back.

In the afternoon (and sadly I didn’t get pictures) we had a team game for lack of free tables, 50 power each, my scythes and my friend Justin’s ultramarines versus eldar and orks. And here’s where I sort of make a face about the direction nu40K is going, as my ally brought Guilliman in his 50-point list, and the ork guy brought a gorkanaut. Not exactly skirmishy. The eldar guy had the ludicrous psychic airplace with the 18″ flamers too, although that was mostly just that particular unit being ludicrous rather than something not fitting into the size of the game. They got first turn and wiped all my infantry off the board – which was disheartening but it ended up OK as I still had the dread team and the reivers to drop in (Vanguard detachment for the win!), and they all did their jobs very nicely – the former mostly through absorbing fire that could have been spent in other places (and also chainfisting some killer kans) and the latter by (as usual) tying up a flank and wiping a couple units out before finally succumbing to casualties – bulking my squad out to 10 may happen sooner rather than later, as the reivers always turn in a workmanlike performance. Guilliman punched the gorkanaut to death, ho hum. But still, the game was fun enough.

I also picked up my half of a starter box, so just in time to finish up my current painting backlog I get some more stuff to do.

To do:

Intercessor squad (2 of 10 painted)

Hellblaster squad (0 of 5 painted)

Inceptor squad (0 of 3 painted)

Primaris command (0 of 4 painted)

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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