Painting update: On the workbench

Just a quick update on what’s on the workbench at the moment – this is all stuff I want to finish up by the next big game meet at the end of September, so lots of time to get it done. This’ll give me a solid and hopefully fairly well-rounded 100 power level of dudes, which seems like a reasonable place to be.


Hellblaster squad with heavy plasma incinerators, just for some fun long-range punch. (Nice models, but anything with hoses connected to backpacks really throws a monkey wrench in my painting system, since I like to leave the backpacks and weapons off for painting, but since each backpack – hose – arms – gun set here is unique that’d leave way too many opportunities for screwups, so I just put almost everything together.)


Venerable dread. I’d have picked a twin lascannon, but the guy who gave it to me for half price didn’t still have that bit, so one makes do. I’m not at all sold on the utility of the plasma cannon, so I think I’ll field it with the assault cannon and have it tool around together with the Ironclad and shoot infantry and punch tanks together.


A quad-lascannon predator for some anti-tank killyness, and just because I have the model a replacement sergeant for my sternguard, with power fist and combi-flamer instead of just the bolter the current one has.

I don’t really anticipate this taking all that long, unless I hit a low-motivation period (as I am sometimes wont to do). I’m taking a business trip to the States for a week next week, which will interrupt things, but overall I’m confident I’ll be able to field these fightboys at our September meetup.

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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