Some Games!

I got the chance to play a few games of 40K over the past week, and it was pretty fun. The pictures above are of a power level 65 game I played against a friend’s (absolutely beautiful – sadly I didn’t think to get too many pictures of them) Eldar Exodites-counts-as-Craftworld, in which I managed a win, although we were both pretty well decimated by battle end. The Ironclad was definitely a star, mostly through being both scary and tough enough to draw a lot of Eldar fire and still not die, although the hurricane bolter is scary effective against T3 eldar up close. The captain also managed to be a wall of pain, stopping the shining spears that up to then had been tearing through my left flank like a hot knife through butter. Good fun!

And these pics are from our local gaming meetup this past Sunday – we had only an odd number of 40K players, so 3 of us did the “carnage” scenario from the rulebook at power level 50. Fun again, but I suffered from choosing my quarter first and thus being stuck in a tyranid – sisters of battle sandwich, which did not end well. The ‘nid player taking half her points in a 20-strong unit of genestealers with a broodlord was hella scary, too, although massed firepower from the surviving sisters managed to stop them in the end. The Ironclad again managed to prove his worth, chainfist-ing a hive tyrant to death pretty handily. (I also picked up a venerable dread a friend didn’t need, so I can expand my dreadnought party by next month’s meetup.)

Overall, I’m pleased that 40K 8th edition is turning out to be the quick, simple and fun ruleset people have been talking it up as. It’s still not particularly tactically deep by any stretch, but it’s fun enough, and a lot of people play, which is always a bonus. Whee!

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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