In Which: Dave surprises himself with painting speediness

Here I’d been thinking I might not even get it done by Sunday for game day, but oh well!

I could stand to clean up the scythe a bit, and probably will in future, but as it stands it’s more than up to my typical tabletop standard. I’ve mounted it on a 60mm x 30mm clear acrylic base to match the rest of the army (the local acrylic cutters I order from charge a lot for rounded edges). I went with the box o’ bolters because the Scythes being an Ultramarines successor chapter, the ability to fall back out of a combat with a mook tarpit and shoot them a bunch seems like it’d be more generally useful than the ability to reroll 1’s to hit (which I can get by spending a CP anyway). But these arms aren’t glued on, so I can always paint up the CCW if I don’t like how the loadout I have works in practice.

Now on the bench are some good old 2nd edition boxed set gretchin I rescued off eBay to fill out my Advanced Space Crusade roster a bit more, then some bits and bobs for 40K – a couple non-primaris lieutenants I bashed up, a terminator sergeant (as the one I have doesn’t have a power sword, making him not-technically-legal) and a thunder hammer terminator (as I only have 4 of ’em with CCWs just now, so I’ll be able to field a terminator assault squad).

Author: chubugamer

I'm an American who has been living (and gaming) in Japan since the mid-90s.

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